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With ink-stained hands from the pages of a newspaper, a small notebook with boxes to write down the stories of hundreds of characters since 2007 and a few more kilos … With all these premises, I would never imagine that years later fashion would be part of me in my lifetime.

Sometimes something that, a priori, you see as an adversity is accompanied by a renaissance of the person, a start to live again. This new prism led me to start in the fashion world with my first shooting ‘friends’ and casual, which caused that in these years everything has been overflowing within the surrealism with which I live it. I still do not believe that they really require me to represent their brand, their design or be the model of some photographers who like my image. Going to different points of the national panorama like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga … and being hired by an agency in India or traveling to Marseilles for a shooting have become some of my professional and vital experiences.

Recently, I have been able to make some photos for Pas Ibáñez with the clothes of Francis Montesinos and some magazine publishers count on me when filling their pages (online or printed). In addition, I collaborate with a fixed section in the magazine http://www.verdecala.com I intend to relate some of my experiences (past, present and future) as a model and journalist in this blog, and offer some outfit to face different events, moments, day to day.

For a start I leave you an urban style with different possibilities for this fall.



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